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What is Hair Replacement? Toupee is a personalized unit designed by experts for people who have or have experienced partial or serious hair loss due to any problem. Their infrastructure consists of tulle or poly parts, all are handmade and the hair is knotted one by one with the crochet method.. İt can be dyed, blow dried and curled. Also İt can be produced individually for person. In toupees, it is possible to get exact results to the hair color of the person. As the hair is not formed in one central line, it can be combed in all directions. The units of toupee acquire the color of your skin due to their infrastructure, so they would never salience.


Because the dissatisfaction of people who have hair transplant means that hair transplant methods do not work at all. At the same time, the pain experienced by those who try hair transplantation methods, surgical interventions, loss of time and money, the hair not growing as desired, the inability to comb it easily in all directions, and then the irreversible bad appearance, the very low hair density and frequency have directed people to use prosthetic hair systems. If the aim is to look beautiful, to store self-confidence, to feel much better and to be at peace with mirrors, prosthetic hair system is the best application for you. Only observe how you change in as little as 2 hours. All of us have 1 life in this World. The Life is going on and we cannot count days and months. You will want to make important changes in your life when you remove hairlessness problem from your life and when you have new hair. If you want a definitive and permanent solution to your hairlessness problem, a happier and more confident life and to be at peace with mirrors, we are waiting for you at our S-Well Hair branch offices.
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Men’s Toupee can be applied to anyone, male or female, young or old, whose hair is completely shed or sparse or who has lost a part of their hair, regardless of the reason for the loss. For those who experience temporary hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, prosthetic hair system application helps them spend their hairlessness periods with a higher motivation and morale.


Of course, hair has a great role and importance in our psychology. Hair is one of the most important and natural accessories of people. It has a great role in self-confidence, self-expression, communication and socialization. The main feature that seperates prosthetic hair system from other hair transplant systems is that it does not require surgical intervention during and after application, so it does not have problems such as pain and will get your new hair in as little as 2 hours. In addition to the time, price, pain, wound, abscess problems of those who have hair transplantation, one of the most important disadvantages is that they cannot get results in one try.
People who have hair transplantation have to deal with problems such as not getting the results they want, hair not growing in the direction they want. As a result, do not throw your money and health on the street.

Which one is better ? Hair Transplantation or Men’sToupee or Other Products?

If your hair has started to thin out, you are one step closer to the inevitable end. We know how upsetting this situation is for you and it pushes you to many other methods. We also know very well that you intend to use or use hair simulation, hair lotions, oils, drugs. We also feel that you think that the last resort is a hair transplant. It is obvious that drugs and lotions do not give any benefit. You have tried all kinds of ways, but you can’t get any results. Let’s inform you about hair transplantation.

When Can Hair Transplantation Be Preferred?

Hair loss usually begins at your 20s and hair falls out before you reach your 30s. Of course, this situation does not belong for everyone. But in people whose hair lost started too late, a high rate of hair loss stops at a certain level, at this point hair transplantation may be preferred for dilutions. You should not ignore some problems like the pain you will experience during hair transplantation, the direction of the hair, its hardness and the inability to comb it in the direction you want, and most importantly, the absence of recycling.

Hair Transplant Victimizations

Many of our customers have been victims of hair transplantation and preferred prosthetic hair systems. We listened all this information from them. Of course They firstly waste time,Money and their efforts. If your hair is completely shedding except from the side and back parts, then you cannot have a hair transplant. Hair transplant centers will tell you that they can do this and achieve it. Even later, when your hair starts to grow and when you complain about sparseness and stiffness, they will offer you new sessions for new grafts and cause you to experience the pain you have suffered again. 

Which One Do I Have to Prefer? Hair Transplantation or Men’s Toupee in Early 20s?

If your hair loss started quickly in your early 20s, hair transplantation method will not be usefull, because wherever you plant, other parts will start to fall out over time and you will not be able to prevent it. In such cases, men’s toupee will protect you from hairless problem and even if you have lost all of your hair, no one will remember your hairless looking. İt does not mean that you cannot have prosthetic hair system if you have lost all of your hair. If you do not feel self-confident, if you are annoyed with the way people look at you, Men’s Toupee is the solution for you. Take your precautions now, don’t be bald with Men’s Toupee.


The situations in which male hair prosthesis can be applied are indicated In the table below. Apart from these situations, we have different solutions for cases such as fuel spills or burns, hereditary situations, accidents and injuries, illness, crookedness and disproportion in the skull, surgical scars, and it is possible to get a one-to-one appearance.

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