Hair loss is much more big problem for women comparing with men. Women pay more attention to their physical appearance than men, and the problem of baldness in women is much more annoying situation than men, also this situation affects their psychology badly. We offer regional or local application solutions for women hair loss. You will feel much better with comfortable monofilament and silk-top women hair toupee models that will not annoy you, also they have air and water permeability. We offer personalized solutions with hardcover or tulle ball models for spills in the top zone and piece hair prosthetic applications for local areas. The negative hair application results may have upset you. Apart from our toupee applications, we are able to produce special molds abroad by taking special molds for person’s own head structure by making the necessary cutting operations according to your measurements on ready-made molds. We can produce all our toupees abroad. This is our big advantage. That’s why we offer very affordable prices and we are at the highest level in quality. We have special application rooms for women and you will not be disturbed during your toupee application.


The dissatisfaction of people who have hair transplant means that hair transplant methods do not work at all. At the same time, the pain experienced by those who try hair transplantation methods, surgical interventions, loss of time and money, the hair is not growing as desired, the inability to comb it easily in all directions, and then the irreversible bad appearance, the very low hair density and frequency have directed people to use prosthetic hair systems. If the aim is to look beautiful, to store self-confidence, to feel much better and to be at peace with mirrors, prosthetic hair system is the best application for you. Only observe how you change in as little as 2 hours. All of us have 1 life in this World. The Life is going on and we cannot count days and months. You will want to make important changes in your life when you remove hairlessness problem from your life and when you have new hair. If you want a definitive and permanent solution to your hairlessness problem, a happier and more confident life and to be at peace with mirrors, we are waiting for you at our S-Well Hair branch offices.
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Prosthetic hair system is suitable for anyone over the age of 12, regardless of gender. Whatever the cause of hair loss, it is suitable for all women, men, young and old, whose hair is completely shed or became sparse. For those who experience temporary hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, prosthetic hair system application helps them spend their hairlessness periods with a higher motivation and morale.

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Of course, hair has a great role and importance in our psychology. Hair is one of the most important and natural accessories of people. It has a great role in self-confidence, self-expression, communication and socialization. The main feature that seperates prosthetic hair system from other hair transplant systems is that it does not require surgical intervention during and after application, so it does not have problems such as pain and wounds.you will get your new hair in as little as 2 hours. In addition to the time, price, pain, wound, abscess problems of those who have hair transplantation, one of the most important disadvantages is that they cannot get results in one try.
People who have hair transplantation have to deal with problems such as not getting the results they want, hair not growing in the direction they want. As a result, do not throw your money and health on the street.

It was found in researches that the prosthetic hair method was most preferred hair replacement method amongst artificial hair and hair transplant methods.

Women’ prosthetic hair

High quality prosthetic hair:

It is our first priority to professionally determine the size, unit and hair color suitable for you by the experts trained by our company..
Also you can measure your own size by yourself and you can apply.

Is Prosthetic Hair Water and Air Permeable? 

Yes. All products with lace infrastructure unit are water and air permeable.

Would my prosthetic hair fall off and break off from my head? 

No… its adhesives and tapes are specially produced so it does not break or fall off. It is not like a wig. You can swim in the pool and sea, you can do your sports activities without any problems. Adhesives and tapes are not affected by water.

Would my prosthetic hair look realistic?

Yes… It provides a 100% natural look. Due to its lace structure, no one can distinguish it from your real hair no matter which angle you look at it. On the contrary, you get so used to its naturalness that you never want to give up. The rest is completely living your daily life. Prosthetic hair does not pose a problem for you in any part of your life and does not create problems that will pose a problem.

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