Maintenance-free, tapeless prosthetic hair replacement system is a much more comfortable and much more practical application for those who have baldness problems only in the middle part of the head. It can be removed and put at any time. İt is Avialable for Daily Use


Firstly, the size of the area which will be applied is taken,your hair color and model are determined. Your prosthetic hair system is designed according to your measurements and clips are sewn to your prosthetic hair. In application, haircuts are made according to your hair length, clips are clipped to your hair from all directions


Yes,You can take a shower and swim in the sea and pool, as the clips are firmly attached to your hair.
With a quick and hard pull, yes, the clips will come off. But how many people have pulled your hair in your lifetime like this way?
Yes, you can use your hair replacement system to be 20% banded by clipping it from the side and back and using hair system tape from the front only.
Tapeless prosthetic hair system is maintenance-free. You can easily take it off and put it back on whenever you want..
No it doen not need. It can be applied without any haircut and it is not harmful to your own hair.
As the clips are attached to your own hair from the lower part of your toupee, they are invisible and unclear.

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