More Realistic with Retouch:

They are prosthetic hair units produced individually or on ready-made Retouch molds for those who want the best. With the Retouch system, you will have more transparency and more air permeability. In this system, your hair analysis is done first, and the dimensions of the area to be treated are molded to be 3-dimensional. Your hair directions are determined. A sample is taken from your hair so that your hair color can match exactly. Your samples and 3D mold are sent to our factory abroad so that your prosthetic hair can be produced specially for you. In the laboratory in the factory, your prosthetic hair infrastructure is produced with nano technology on 3D silicone printers. Your hair color is determined by pigment machines and a one-to-one color model is determined. With the retouch technique, hair bleaching (for your hair root to appear in your skin color) is applied so that your hair follicles are not visible. In accordance with your hair direction, the hair is processed by hand knotting on your infrastructure. It takes 3 months to prepare and apply your special prosthetic hair, which is prepared with the Retouch system, as it will be produced by hand and abroad.

What is the Difference of Retouch Prosthetic Hair?

Since it is perfectly compatible with your head and hair, it fits perfectly on your bald area. Your hair on your side areas and your Retouch prosthetic hair are blended and the color difference disappears. It has a very high grip and grip power because it is special for you. A perfect image is obtained even for those who have a dimple or inclination in the head structure, as it is produced over the mold. With the Retouch Hair bleaching method, your hair follicles and forehead line can never be noticed, as your hair follicles are in a tone close to the color of your skin. Since its infrastructure is produced from a very transparent and thin layer, your separate parts reflect the appearance of your skin. If you say you want the best, Retouch Prosthetic Hair System is an application for you. It is generally the most preferred method by artists, actors, singers and theater actors. You can contact us for more detailed information about Retouch.

Retouch Model

  • Retouch Skin-Looking Infrastructure
  • %100 Human Hair
  • Hair Density: Medium
  • Hair Length: 15 cm
  • Front Section: 1 cm RSK Single Knot
  • Other Section: DRSK Double Node
  • Front Part: Bleaching
  • Comfort: Maximum
  • Combing Direction: Free Style

protez saç kalıp alma

Your mold is sent to the factory

protez saç kalıp hazırlama

A New Pattern Is Created

3 boyutlu protez saç

Your Pattern Is Made Suitable For You

protez saç fabrikası

Skin-Looking Skin Covered

protez saç nasıl örülür

Hair Bleaching and Braiding Complete

doğal görünümlü protez saç

Your Special Hair is Ready