Q8 Model Prosthetic Hair


protez saç modeli q8

Q8 Model Prosthetic Hair

  • Hair Length: 15cm
  • Front Section: 1cm RSK Single Knot
  • Other Section: DRSK Double Node
  • Combing Direction: Free Style
  • Front Section Cuttable Lace
  • poly. Width: 2.5cm
  • poly. Thickness: 8mm
  • Middle Section Checked Pattern
  • %100 Human Hair
  • Hair Density: Medium
  • Front Section 4 cm Hair Bleaching
  • Forehead 2 Layer Nanofilament Lace
  • Front Section 5-Row Reinforced Stitching System

-Q8 Model Prosthetic Hair-

The front and middle sections of the Q8 Model Prosthetic Hair, consisting of 100% real human hair, are made of nanofilament tulle and are air and water permeable. In this way, your head gets lightning and your skin is what to do with the water. It is promoted by the 5-row incentive system at the front. In front of the nanofilament tulle 4 cm of hair without bleaching. The front part is a 1 cm RSK single knot. In this way, hair roots and knots give your area a 100% natural look. The remainder is DRSK double knotted. Banding facility thanks to 2 layers of nanofilament in the forehead area. Back and side. There are poly for banding areas. Free Style Q8 Prosthetic Hair Model with 15 cm hair length enters the model through the transitions due to its silky structure and directionless, and is easily combed. Whether you want the browser in succession, no matter how the experiences. You can use spray, wax, hair gel according to your wish.