Arap-A Model Full Cap Prosthetic Hair

full protez saç

full wig for man

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Arap-A Model Full Cap Prosthetic Hair

  • Hair Length: 15cm
  • Front Section: 1 cm Invisible Single Knot
  • Other Section: DRSK Double Node
  • Combing Direction: Free Style
  • Non-slip Vacuum Poly
  • Optional Adhesive Poly Sections
  • Front Mesh: French Lace
  • Forehead: Fine Mono Lace
  • Back Part: Lycra Flexible Tres Sewing
  • 8 Step Tire Adjustment
  • Rear Comfortable Bumper
  • Hair Density: Dense
  • %100 Human Hair

-Arap A Model Full Cap Prosthetic Hair

Completely Hairless Persons or Those Experiencing High Shedding Problems on the Side Sections of Their Hair. Those Undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy Treatment. Alopecia or Areata Patients, Congenital Baldness Problem. It is an excellent product produced for those who experience crookedness in the head anatomy, deformities in accidents and burns. Produced from 100% real human hair, Arabian A Model Full Prosthesis Hair has air and water permeability as the front part is French tulle, the forehead part is fine mono tulle and the back part is lycra tress sewing. In this way, your scalp gets oxygen and your skin comes into contact with water. The 1 cm section on the front is a single knot to increase naturalness. In the remaining part, DRSK double node is used. 360 degree vacuum pu. Thanks to the banding section, it provides excellent holding power from every angle. It can be used with or without a band according to your wish. Thanks to its gradual tire adjustment, it provides a comfortable grip and does not disturb you. Thanks to the lycra back part, it can be adjusted to any size. Since it is Free Style, you can scan it comfortably in all directions and give it the shape you want. It is very easy and practical to use since it is suitable for use without tape. Thanks to the vacuumed poly sections in the rear sections, the holding power increases and only those who wish can use the tape in the front section. It is maintenance-free for those who use it without tape. It can be washed, blow dryer, tongs, wax, jelly, spray can be used. Washable.