-Beauty Model Prosthetic Hair-

Beauty Modeli Kadın Protez Saç
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Beauty Saç Protezi Kadın
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Beauty Model Prosthetic Hair

  • Hair Length: 50-55 cm
  • 9 Color Options+Ombre
  • Front Section: 2 cm RSK Single Knot
  • Other Sections: DRSK Double Node
  • Combing Direction: Free Style
  • Side Sections Cuttable Poly
  • poly. Width: 3cm
  • poly. Thickness: 1mm
  • Middle Section: France Lace
  • %100 Human Hair

Beauty Woman Model Prosthetic Hair

Made of 100% real human hair, the Beauty Model Prosthetic Hair is air and water permeable, as the middle and front parts of the hair are French tulle. In this way, your scalp gets oxygen and your skin comes into contact with water. The front is 2 cm cuttable single knot, french tulle. In this way, hair roots and knots give your forehead a 100% natural look. In the remaining part, DRSK double node is used. 360 degree pu. Thanks to its taping section, it provides excellent holding power from every angle. The poly on the back and sides can be cut according to the user’s measurements. For those who have complete baldness problems. Free Style Beauty Model Female Prosthetic Hair Model with 50-55 cm hair length is easy to comb, thanks to its silky structure and directionless nature. Whether you comb it to the back or to the sides, you’ll get excellent results in any situation. You can use spray, wax, hair gel according to your wish.